MV Mail Weekly Recap: January 19, 2021

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Below is a quick summary of the investment opportunities listed on the MicroVentures platform as of January 19, 2021.

Active Offerings

Flower Street Docs

Two documentaries to be produced by Adam Carolla and Nate Adams
Key Highlights:
• Meme Gods, directed by Sean Flax and Bryan Black, with executive producer Cedric The Entertainer, will explore the cultural phenomenon of memes
• When We Went MAD!, directed by Alan Bernstein, will examine the cultural significance and rise of MAD Magazine through interviews with artists, creators, and comedians

A new, breakthrough salt that delivers full sodium flavor with 50% less sodium
Key Highlights:
• Patented a salt nanoparticle MicroSalt® created to provide full-salty flavor with 50% less sodium
Partnered with Gehring-Montgomery, Hanks Brokerage, and Accurate Ingredients to expand MicroSalt® distribution and sales in the U.S. and with FXM Ingredients to expand into Mexico

Oscilla Power
Wave energy converter
Key Highlights:
• Earned commitments for more than $16M in grant funding for its novel wave energy conversion technology, with funding allocated based on matching private funding and product milestones
• Holds 16 granted patents related to technology and product design


Social media app centered around dares
Key Highlights:
• Anticipates launching new version of mobile application
• Secured agreement with Epidemic Sound to use musical catalogue for DARE app user videos

Peer-to-Peer video game wagering platform
Key Highlights:
• Over 31.3k app downloads and roughly 113k impressions since launch in June 2020
• 2.7k monthly active users in September 2020, up from 700 in June 2020

Remedy Processors
Cannabis and hemp company offering cannabis products and B2B services
Key Highlights:
• Generated $303k+ in revenue through October 2020, up 1,474% when compared to the same period last year
• Earned customers in 2020 like Frosty’s Extracts, Imperial CBD, Full Sail Farms, and Everything Hemp

Shared kitchen spaces for developing, manufacturing, and distribution of cannabis and CBD-infused products
Key Highlights:
• First facility in Orange County, California, expected to be completed in December 2020; construction over 50% complete
• Founding team members have 21+ years of combined experience and collectively have previously founded and scaled three licensed cannabis facilities in Colorado and California

Automated robotic, contactless, and AI-enabled food preparation for fresh healthy smoothies made on-demand
Key Highlights:
• Launched co-branded Blendid robotic kiosk with Jamba in November 2020 in Dixon, California, with expansion plans in development
• Launched Blendid robotic kiosk with Walmart in October 2020 in Fremont, California, with intent to expand further

Software platform for animators
Key Highlights:
• Founder sold his last company to AOL in June 2016
• Creating an even larger suite of products that implement voiceovers, motion capture, and personal avatar building so users can have even more tools when designing and producing their animated content

Million Marker
Personal environmental exposure analysis and tracking for consumers
Key Highlights:
• Y Combinator Spring 2019 Cohort graduate
• Partnership agreement with the University of California, San Francisco and support from Stanford University School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins School of Public Health

B2B SaaS cloud integration software
Key Highlights:
• Raised $1.07M in its first equity round, led by Plug and Play Tech Center and Steelhead Ventures
• Integrates with cloud software such as Intuit Quickbooks, Oracle NetSuite, Vend POS, and more

Hudson Space Systems
Microgravity research services company
Key Highlights:
• Developing reusable space launch vehicles to make microgravity services accessible to a broad spectrum of customers
• Filed a private provisional patent application, “Unibody Liquid Bipropellant Rocket Engine,” in February 2020


Athleisure apparel and audio gear accessories for men and women
Key Highlights:
• Holds two registered trademarks, operating under Class 25 for clothing and Class 9 for computers and scientific devices
• Has signed 13 social media influencers since its inception

Fog& Tree
Personal products infused with cannabis sold online and in-stores
Key Highlights:
• Selected as a finalist out of 300 to participate in Canopy Boulder’s accelerator program for cannabis-related and CBD businesses
• The company’s premier fragrance has been featured in Forbes magazine twice and is participating in the Luxury Meets Cannabis Conference / Forbes fundraising event for COVID-19 relief efforts

Vital Leaf
Line of organic, CBD-infused chocolates, tinctures, body balm, and capsules
Key Highlights:
• Products sold in 300+ retail locations across the U.S.
• Retailers and partners include Wegmans, New Seasons Market, New Leaf Community Market, National Co+op Grocers, and Good Earth Natural Foods

The Car Savior

Marketplace designed to make car repair cheaper, faster, and more convenient
Key Highlights:
• $270k previously raised from angel investors with a further $108k committed in August 2020
• 105 mechanics on the platform

Indian pet care supplies e-commerce platform
Key Highlights:
• Features over 1k products and has shipped to over 100 cities in India
• Generated revenue of $138.3k in 2019, an increase of 51% over 2018


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