MV Mail Weekly Recap: November 4, 2020

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Below is a quick summary of the investment opportunities listed on the MicroVentures platform as of November 4, 2020.


Software platform for animators
Key Highlights:
• Out of 1.8k applicants, UNOMi was one of 25 companies selected to be a member of Backstage Capital’s inaugural accelerator class in March 2019
• Patent-pending technology for its method of generating mouth animations


One-stop pharmacy
Key Highlights:
• The company filled 6.1k+ prescriptions in July 2020, a record high
• Grown revenue 106% year-over-year and 603% year-over-year in 2019 and 2018, respectively, without any outside equity capital investment
Million Marker
Personal environmental exposure analysis and tracking for consumers
Key Highlights:
• MOU with Parley for the Oceans (international ocean conservation NGO) and contract with The Community (Publicis Groupe) to launch a plastic awareness campaign in Summer 2021
• Provides mail-in test kits to measure personal exposure to potentially harmful environmental chemicals


B2B SaaS cloud integration software
Key Highlights:
• Created successful apps and integrations for unmet needs in the Retail and Food verticals such as automated stock replenishment and custom analytics used by customers across the globe
Profitable since January 2020 with an annual run rate of $390k

Hudson Space Systems

Microgravity research services company
Key Highlights:
• Received a grant from Stevens Institute of Technology for its rocket launch technology
• Raised $100k in funding from an angel investor in 2020
Athleisure apparel and audio gear accessories for men and women
Key Highlights:
• Holds two registered trademarks, operating under Class 25 for clothing and Class 9 for computers and scientific devices
• Has signed 13 social media influencers since its inception

Fog & Tree
Personal products infused with cannabis sold online and in stores
Key Highlights:
• Since launching in November 2019, the company has run two successful promos, selling 211 units, with Touch of Modern, an e-commerce lifestyle products website with 14M members
• By the end of 2019, Fog & Tree products were sold in 27 locations including Saks Salon in NY
Edly offers an alternative to student loans known as Income Share Agreements (ISAs)
Key Highlights:
• Has been generating revenue since its inception in April 2019
• Investors on the Edly platform have funded 3.8k student ISA contracts, and its portfolio includes ISAs with students from top colleges and skills programs
Vital Leaf

Line of organic, CBD-infused chocolates, tinctures, body balm, and capsules
Key Highlights:
• Has raised over $1.38M from angel investors
• Products featured in POPSUGAR, Thrive Magazine, and MJ Lifestyle, among others
IPD Products

Air sterilizer designed to combat airborne pathogens like SARS-CoV-2
Key Highlights:
• Founding team has extensive experience commercializing technology for organizations like Pfizer and Bristol Myers Squibb, as well as building out robust patent portfolios
• In 2021, the company hopes to expand its product line to include integrations with HVAC systems and PPE
Wind Craft Aviation

Developing a hydrogen-powered eVTOL aircraft
Key Highlights:
• Plans to complete first test launch this year and start beta testing in foreign markets by 2021
• Awarded a grant from PlanetM to further develop its aircraft and test it at military sites throughout the state
Creative Technologies

3D printing innovation firm
Key Highlights:
• Raised $35k in pre-seed funding from U.K.-based Creative ITC
• Displayed an early prototype of its 3D printer at CES 2018 at Eureka Park, one of the largest startup events in the world
Oscilla Power

Wave energy converter
Key Highlights:
• Constructing a community-scale Triton-C system for deployment in Q1 2021 at the Kaneohe Marine Corps base in Hawaii
• Earned grant funding from the National Science Foundation, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Washington State Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Department of Energy


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