MV Mail Weekly Recap: September 10, 2020

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Below is a quick summary of the investment opportunities listed on the MicroVentures platform as of September 8th, 2020.

Active Offerings

Microgravity research services company born out of Stevens Institute of Technology with one provisional patent application filed
Key Highlights:
• Raised $100k in funding from an angel investor in 2020
• Developing reusable space launch vehicles to make microgravity services accessible to a broad spectrum of customers

3D-printing custom shoes, with its first product drop scheduled for September 2020
Key Highlights:
• Initial fashion-forward style designed to appeal to demand for comfort and personalization in stylish shoes
• Customers have pre-ordered the entire first product drop of its initial style, the Georgia

Dietary supplement company focused on transparency and product research with products tested by a third-party lab
Key Highlights:
• Products tested by a third-party lab and benchmarked against E.U. regulations
• Each product page on the Illuminate Labs website lists third-party testing results

Line of organic, CBD-infused chocolates, tinctures, body balm, and capsules sold in over 300 retail locations across the U.S
Key Highlights:
• Has raised over $1.38M from angel investors
• Products featured in POPSUGAR, Thrive Magazine, and MJ Lifestyle, among others

Athleisure apparel and audio gear accessories for men and women with social media growth of 439%
Key Highlights:
• Holds two registered trademarks, operating under Class 25 for clothing and Class 9 for computers and scientific devices
• Has signed 13 social media influencers since its inception

One-stop pharmacy that has filled over 72,000 prescriptions since April 2019
Key Highlights:
• The company filled 5.8k prescriptions in June 2020, a record high
• Plans to add telehealth services in 2021 to further serve their patients

Ionic Plague Destroyer air sterilizer designed to combat airborne pathogens like SARS-CoV-2
Key Highlights:
• Founding team has extensive experience commercializing technology for organizations like Pfizer and Bristol Myers Squibb, as well as building out robust patent portfolios
• In 2021, the company hopes to expand its product line to include integrations with HVAC systems and PPE

Developing a hydrogen-powered eVTOL aircraft that is scheduled for its first flight test this year
Key Highlights:
• Plans to complete first test launch this year and start beta testing in foreign markets by 2021
• Awarded a grant from PlanetM to further develop its aircraft and test it at military sites throughout the state

Social networking community for procurement and supply chain professionals within over 90 countries
Key Highlights:
• Has more than 2.9k individually vetted members on its platform, which include professionals representing 75% of Fortune 100, and 41% of Fortune 500 companies
• Anticipates launching a Group Purchase Organization (GPO) in 2021


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