MyndVR launches on Republic

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Improving lives and fighting isolation for older adults through virtual reality
• Timely solution for the massive and growing problem of senior isolation
• Customer base tripled in 2020
• $600k booked to date with significant deals in the pipeline
• Q3 and Q4 – consecutive best quarters in company history
• Covered by FOX News, CNN, Washington Post, Forbes, and over 100 others
• Collaborating with Stanford on a large-scale study on VR & aging
Around the world, senior citizens and residents of long-term care facilities are struggling with isolation. Many are currently not allowed to have visits from family and friends. In senior living homes, staff are also forced to limit time spent with residents to avoid spreading COVID-19.
The result is that many seniors today are isolated and lonely. Research from the National Institute on Aging has linked social isolation and loneliness to numerous health problems including: heart disease, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, and more.
MyndVR provides interactive and entertaining VR experiences to seniors. It provides VR headsets, tablet controllers, technical support, and hundreds of engaging VR experiences. MyndVR’s technology enables older adults to interact with the outside world in truly innovative ways that foster engagement, cognitive wellness and above all, joy and happiness.


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