Net Capital: New Opportunities

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New Opportunities

Deuce Drone is back after selling out their last round! They are raising capital to solve last mile delivery problems for “brick and mortar” retailers by enabling drone shipment from existing stores. Leveraging clients’ current infrastructure, they design, build, and operate drone delivery systems, transforming retail stores into customer fulfillment centers. Deuce Drone provides a cost-effective, technology-driven solution for same-day delivery that allows retailers to compete with major e-commerce players.

Opportunities by Industry

Gaming | Zelgor is building a galaxy of interconnected mobile games. With multiple games in development, the company will monetize its content through the sale of virtual items, merchandising, and advertising.

EdTech | ASK Education is creating an immersive and engaging experience for the learner that also allows for the parent/guardian and teacher to interact with the student through objective game management and growth monitoring systems.

️ Entertainment | From the team that brought you American Ninja Warrior, they are launching their flagship product: The Human Baton, a super sport relay race where the Baton is an athlete.


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