New 20/20 Update | COVID-19 Antibody Tests & Restaurants

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20/20 announces new sales focus for COVID-19 antibody tests – restaurants

20/20 GeneSystems is an artificial intelligence-powered diagnostics company focused on early stage cancer detection and COVID-19 antibody testing. The company recently announced that it is increasing its sales efforts to make COVID-19 antibody tests available to restaurants throughout the U.S.
Once 20/20 GeneSystems receives the tests developed by Roche Diagnostics in its labs, the company will collect anonymized clinical and epidemiological data from those who have taken these tests (in addition to medical and travel history), and use it to train machine learning algorithms to help predict the extent to which individual antibody levels may reduce the risk and severity of re-infection.
โ€œWe want to make these COVID-19 antibody tests easily accessible to restaurants throughout the country. Antibody tests indicate current and prior virus exposure. By building, validating and deploying a machine learning algorithm for COVID-19 antibody testing, we can help pave the way to understanding the role antibodies produced by the body play following an infection in providing immunity and for how long,” comments 20/20 GeneSystems Founder & CEO Jonathan Cohen. “Our vision is to answer some of these questions and help restaurants open safely.”
After launching in March 2020, the company has sold over 70k COVID-19 antibody tests within 60 days of pandemic emergency and generated over $1.2mm in revenue.


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