New AI-Powered SaaS Platform Deal | Optelos

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Optelos | Patented AI-powered analytics solution for industrial asset inspection
Optelos is a SaaS platform delivering enterprise-solutions for companies to organize, inspect, and analyze digital asset information at scale. Optelos’ platform transforms the high volume of unstructured images and meta-data involved in asset inspection into information models utilizing reality modeling, and automation to increase the quality and efficiency of asset inspection.
Notable deal highlights include:
• 2020 YTD revenue is over $750K (as of October 2020), representing a 897% increase in annual revenue since commercialization began in 2017
• Current notable customers include Georgia-Pacific, Accenture, and Texo Group
• Named Microsoft One Commercial Partner and engaged in collaborative projects with Accenture
• Accepted into Capital Factory’s 2019 VIP Accelerator program and is backed by key investor AustinLee Ventures


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