New Campaign for Handy Cannabis Processing Tool

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Maker of Innovative Scissor-Cleaning Tool The Deresinator

Klean Scissors Inc.
Technology to Assist in the Processing of Cannabis
Regulation CF Offering
$250 Min. Investment
Klean Scissors Inc. has created a revolutionary tool that will save cannabis growers and retailers valuable time. The Deresinator simplifies the method of cleaning cannabis trimming scissors. With the Deresinator, retailers are able to get their products to the consumers faster and more efficiently.

About Klean
• Over 290,000 potential industry customers in the US and Canada.
• The company has 2 utility patents in Canada and 3 patents, with a 4th in the works, in the U.S.
• One Deresinator can be used by four to eight trimmers and only requires one set of scissors per trimmer.
• Klean Scissors Inc, has also developed a proprietary USP Certified, food-grade, and non-toxic solvent to be sold alongside the Deresinator.


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