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Five new companies are raising this week.

Check them out:

Elemeno Health

Empowering staff at the point of care: Improving safety, and fighting COVID

  • $2.9M in funding, including Launchpad Digital Health & Y Combinator
  • Supporting frontline teams in the fight against COVID-19
  • Partnerships with 10+ hospitals across the US


Reflex Protect

Simple non-lethal self-defense solutions for hospitals, schools, homes and more

  • An easy, effective and non-violent alternative for violent situations
  • Raised over $1 million in angel investor equity and RPAs
  • $750,000 projected revenue in 2020 (tripling 2019 revenue)
Sienna Sauce


 A mouth-watering, healthy choice for all your sauce needs

  •  Successfully founded by a 16-year-old entrepreneur
  •  25,000+ bottles sold in 50+ retail locations
  •  2x award-winning sauce at Sauce-A-Holic 2018-2019



A smart business card and mobile app for the modern age

  • Over $400,000 in revenue generated in the last 6 months
  • $1M+ raised from Tim Draper and Associates
  • 50,000+ users on the network worldwide and growing

Highly versatile shoes developed with digital knitting technology

  • Designed to be the only pair of shoes anyone needs for daily use
  • Raised $400k from Cornell University, 500 Startups, and angels
  • $250k in revenue from October launch through February. 60% MoM growth (Unaudited)

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