New Coterie Investor Spotlight & Meet TruckBux’s Founder: From SeedInvest

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Why Coterie’s investors backed the company
Coterie, a direct-to-consumer startup that is aiming to disrupt the $10bn party supply industry, has been supported by an impressive group of investors with proven experience in the consumer segment. Anu Duggal, Founding Partner of Female Founders Fund (notable investments include Zola, Rent the Runway and Billie), led Coterie’s pre-seed round. Investing in Coterie for the third time during this current round, Anu says, “Using a tightly curated selection of unique prints and entertaining accessories, Coterie has built a brand that is already making strong inroads in a $10B dollar industry that is desperate for a shakeup. On top of that, Sara and Linden are seasoned operators with unique insight into this industry, and the skills and expertise to actually transform it.”
Laura Chau, Principal at Canaan Partners (notable investments include Cuyana, TheRealReal, and Ollie) also saw the opportunity presented by Coterie and led the company’s prior Seed round. “At Canaan we look to invest in category-killing brands. When we invested in Coterie, it was clear to us that all of the hallmarks of a category-killer for the party supplies industry were there: an old market dominated by a single, declining player (Party City), a delightful and exclusive product, an innovative and frictionless shopping experience, and a demographic (millennials) demanding a new customer experience.”
Combined with a select group of angels and advisors, Female Founders Fund and Canaan have provided Coterie with invaluable knowledge, network, and experience that has guided the team from launch to scale.

TruckBux’s Founder – Nick Nanakos
While pursuing a career in corporate finance and real estate, Nick Nanakos worked internships at several large and noteworthy firms such as JP Morgan & Balfour Beatty. During this time, Nick recognized the growing number of food trucks in major cities and the opportunity to improve their operations. This is when he began building TruckBux – the full-stack online ordering platform for food truck owners and their customers.
“I come from a background of highly talented restaurant entrepreneurs. I’ve worked in every angle of food – from waiting, to cooking, to managing, to also bringing technology into my family’s restaurants. This gave me a chance to observe other apps go-to-market and product functionality. I believed I could create something far more powerful for food trucks. Once my restaurant intuition aligned with my observations of the fast growing food truck space – my focus shifted to food tech.”
With Nick’s leadership and the 60+ food trucks currently signed up on the platform, TruckBux is aiming to innovate this $2bn industry.


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