New | Cytonics to Begin COVID-19 Treatment Testing

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Cytonics announces experimental clinical trial to treat COVID-19

Cytonics believes that its lead drug candidate CYT-108, originally designed to stop the breakdown of cartilage in osteoarthritis, may have therapeutic effects in inhibiting inflammation when delivered into the lungs of COVID-19 patients. Because of this, the company decided to create an experimental plan to test its lead drug candidate, CYT-108, as a therapeutic for patients suffering from COVID-19.
Remarkably, the lung inflammation caused by COVID-19 is believed to be caused by the same molecular mechanisms that cause degeneration of cartilage in arthritic joints. Specifically, Cytonics believes that CYT-108 may be able to inhibit the “cytokine storm” that leads to lung inflammation and in some cases, death.
Regarding therapies on the market for COVID-19, the FDA has approved remdesivir and convalescent plasma, but according to many, neither have demonstrated substantial improvement in patient survival. If CYT-108 demonstrates efficacy in bringing down the levels of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and inhibiting cytokines in a preclinical model of COVID-19, Cytonics plans to seek Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA to expedite the drug approval pathway in humans.
“The cure to COVID-19 is unlikely to be found in a single vaccine,” comments Joey Bose, President of Cytonics. “Vaccine development is a costly process fraught with many pitfalls, such as patient attrition, ongoing virus mutation, and limitations on the duration and strength of conferred immunity. We believe that a dual approach that includes clinical treatment of symptoms and anti-viral support in COVID-19 patients is the most effective way to improve patient morbidity and mortality. With this in mind, we are eager to explore developing a therapeutic for COVID-19.”


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