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In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of recently announced deal updates. Additionally, be sure to click the “Follow” button on any company’s profile page that you are interested in.
Amplion expands relationship with billion dollar medtech company, PerkinElmer & closing next Friday, December 18th
PerkinElmer, a $2.9B global life sciences company and developer of 22 novel therapeutic drugs, expanded its customer relationship with Amplion. As a result, Amplion achieved a monthly recurring revenue (MRR) increase from $1.4K from the Asia-Pacific team to $6.8K with the addition of the North America team, representing a 4.75x increase in the account.

Gatsby launches “Gatsby Stocks,” introducing equity trading to the platform
Gatsby recently launched the ability to trade stocks on the platform in order to help users trade a more balanced portfolio and facilitate more sophisticated options strategies. In tandem with launching equities trading, Gatsby has upgraded all user accounts to NASDAQ real time stock quotes for better pricing transparency.

Jassby featured in CNBC, msn & more
Recently, various news stations and podcasts featured Jassby’s CEO Benny Nachman on the importance of teaching financial literacy to kids, and the accelerated adoption of contactless payments due to the pandemic. The survey was featured in various publications including CNBC, msn, and more.

Caliber retains Goldman Sachs as firm’s financial advisor
Caliber has retained the Cross Markets Group (CMG) of Goldman Sachs on a go-forward basis as a financial advisor. The CMG group is the newest business unit within the Investment Banking Division and was created to bring the full suite of banking services offered by Goldman Sachs to companies with a market capitalization of $2B and below.

Booxby launches new product as a response to COVID-19
In partnership with Ingram Content, one of the largest book wholesale distributors in the world, Booxby recently launched Booxby Search, a free book recommendation tool for the public to support the struggling publishing industry as a result of COVID-19 (bookstores and libraries closing, in addition to canceled author tours). Within the first three days of launching, Booxby Search has already helped make more than 1,000 recommendations to users.

Swarovski uses 4URSPACE for renovation management

4URSPACE is an app that enables real-time communication and collaboration for teams building out commercial spaces across multiple projects. The Head of Global Construction & Facility Management at Swarovski stated that while “there are several collaboration apps and software in the market, only 4URSPACE has offered us a technology tailored to our own needs that is easy to adopt for every team. The 4URSPACE team has been supporting our entire organization offering a highly effective customized app which is perfect to manage a large volume of projects in different countries and regions.”

Virtuix, largest reservations campaign in SeedInvest history, surpasses $8M
We are excited to announce that Virtuix has surpassed $8M reserved – this is the largest reservations campaign in SeedInvest history. Virtuix is the creator of Omni, an omni-directional treadmill allowing users to walk and run inside popular games and virtual worlds. The company has raised over $20M in capital to date from Mark Cuban, 12 venture funds including Maveron and Scout Ventures, and four previous successful SeedInvest rounds.

GROUNDFLOOR, the largest fintech raise in SeedInvest history, surpasses $3M raised
We are excited to announce that GROUNDFLOOR has surpassed $3M in investments on SeedInvest. The company is a wealthtech platform offering real estate investments to everyone. GROUNDFLOOR’s campaign is the largest fintech fundraise in SeedInvest history, successfully funded, and still accepting investments.


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