New eSports Betting Investment: PLLAY Labs

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PLLAY Labs’ mobile app was created to enable gamers to wager money legally and securely on head-to-head video game matches, collecting prizes within seconds of the match’s conclusion.


Leveraging AI and computer vision algorithms, the app autonomously determines winners, monitors and reports cheating, tracks player behavior, and tracks in-game achievements.


App highlights include:

  • 3k+ downloads since launch in June 2020
  • 7k monthly active users in September 2020, up from 700 in June 2020
  • $14 average wager size in September 2020, up from $5 in June 2020


~113k impressions since launch in June 2020 + Hosted gaming tournament and experience for Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival VIP attendees and backstage arena celebrities and guests



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