New | Ex-Nike Designer Partners With Ollie Gray

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Ollie Gray partners with former Nike & Yeezy shoe designer, launching three new product lines

Ollie Gray is proud to announce a new partnership with creative agency AndThem to develop a line of maternity footwear, a new line of maternity underwear as well as extended-sizing maternity bras.
AndThem was founded by shoe designer Jeffrey Henderson, who spent more than a decade leading various design initiatives at Nike, including driving footwear design at the Tokyo Design Studio. Henderson has also designed and engineered products for other leading footwear brands, including Cole Haan, Yeezy, UnderArmour, Converse, and Everlane.
Through the collaboration with AndThem, Ollie Gray will release a new line of footwear designed specifically to accommodate the body’s changes during pregnancy, such as swollen feet and weight gain.
Initial styles are expected to be released in Q1 2021 with a retail price between $100 to $200. Ollie Gray’s entry into women’s footwear, a $165B market, is part of the company’s strategy to become the go-to brand for maternity apparel.
“Innovation in this space is long overdue,” said Bryce Rech, Ollie Gray’s CEO. “We routinely hear from moms who want a shoe that supports their pregnancy lifestyle. Together with AndThem, we look forward to producing a stylish fit without sacrificing comfort.”
In addition to the footwear line, Ollie Gray announced a new line of maternity underwear as well as a new line of extended-size maternity bras that are sure to have the fingerprint of Jeff Henderson’s team at AndThem.


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