New | Graze Secures New Customer LOI & Campaign Closing

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Graze R&D partner signs new customer LOI & campaign closing in 16 days
After working with Graze as an R&D Partner, California-based commercial landscaping company Mirandaโ€™s Landscape signed a non-binding letter of intent (LOI) to order five Graze mowers valued at $510k.

This new LOI shows that in addition to large landscaping companies like Mainscape (#14 U.S. commercial landscaping company and existing Graze customer with a letter of intent to purchase 200 mowers), small to medium sized landscaping companies like Miranda’s see the value of Graze’s autonomous mowers. After all, the average number of employees for a landscaping company is seven people.

“Maintaining solid margins is becoming increasingly difficult for landscaping companies of all sizes. With an autonomous solution like Graze I believe that I can increase margins and outpace the competition,” notes Casey Miranda, CEO of Mirandaโ€™s Landscape.

The campaign is successfully funded and still accepting investments until the campaign closes in 16 days on Friday, September 18th.


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