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GROUNDFLOOR releases new product offering for experienced borrowers
GROUNDFLOOR recently launched Loan 100, a new and competitive financing option available to the company’s most experienced borrowers. This product provides high leverage financing to qualified borrowers, giving them more cash in hand to devote to the project itself. In turn, this will provide investors with more investment and diversification options.
Available only to the most experienced borrowers in GROUNDFLOOR’s network, the Loan 100 product provides financing for up to 100% of total project costs, including purchase and renovation (i.e., up to 100% Loan-to-Cost). This allows developers with a proven track record to borrow funds for their projects with 0% down.
This launch is an example of how GROUNDFLOOR continues to grow and expand its product offerings for both the real estate investors it lends to and the everyday investors who invest in their projects.
The campaign is successfully funded and still accepting investments.

Recent Update | Q3 Record
Despite the uncertainty brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and the turbulence of financial markets, GROUNDFLOOR set an all-time investment record in Q3 2020 with 33% quarter over quarter growth (unaudited), indicating investor confidence in its products as a viable alternative to public investment options. This quarterly investment volume of $44.5mm surpasses the previous quarter record of $33.5mm.


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