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Humanly to launch new virtual interview transcription analytics & welcomes advisor, Arik Armstead

Humanly, a recruiting platform designed to save hiring teams time and improve candidate experience, is excited to announce it will be launching interview transcription and bias analytics for virtual interviews. The interview transcription tool helps interviewers understand their interview dynamics and track the topics and questions on which a team wants to focus. It also will aid in measuring improvements over time toward team efforts like removing bias triggers, improving talk/listen ratios and interviewer patience, and increasing company value mentions and next-step discussions. The technology seamlessly integrations with Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, RingCentral, and phone calls to insure that it can be used across virtual interview platforms.
Additionally, the team recently signed on a new advisor Arik Armstead. Armstead, a professional football player on the San Francisco 49ers, started The Armstead Academic Project to provide equal opportunity in our public school system throughout Sacramento. Armstead will be working with Humanly’s diversity initiatives around removing bias from hiring and helping candidate’s achieve their goals.
The successful campaign ends this Friday, October 9th at 11:59pm ET and is still accepting investments.


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