New Investment Opportunities

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New Investment Opportunities

We wanted to highlight 3 new companies from Republic that were launched this past week.
Check them out:


Reconceptualizing health & wellness for pets and their humans
• Sold in over 60 retail locations across 4 states within 10 months
• Market leader in CBD dog treats with 20%+ repeat customers
• Featured in PopSugar, LA Times, Yahoo! Finance, Cheddar TV, and more

Video software in your browser that remotely manages, transcribes and searches
• 2019 sales of $854,000 (unaudited); only $377,000 of outside investment to date
• Over 600 paid customers include PWC, NBCU, Patagonia, Paramount
• Market potential of 600,000 customer teams by 2024

Snowball Money

A high-interest account for all your digital investment needs
• 220K+ waitlist, 10k+ beta users, 6mil+ distribution network
• 2019 Product Hunt Golden Kitty Award: Crypto Product of the Year
• $1.1m raised to date


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