New Investment Opportunity from NetCapital: Announcing FinTron ๐Ÿš€

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New Opportunities

FinTron is a digital brokerage & banking provider that offers all of the latest investment tools to new investors, featuring commission free, unlimited fractional share trading with $5 order minimums, banking that pays you and passive budgeting products. FinTron focuses on tech savvy new investors, ages 18-35 (the mobile generation).

Issuer Updates

Deuce Drone has obtained approval from the Alabama city of Foley to conduct drone delivery tests.

Neurotez was featured in a Yahoo Finance article about their approach to treating Alzheimerโ€™s disease.

Opportunities by Industry

Tea | Charles & Company is a luxury organic and kosher tea brand that transcends the ordinary by taking a traditional British approach, with a bit of an American twist. Their teas are blended with essential oils, exotic spices, natural flavors, and infused with hints of floral and fruity notes.

EdTech | ecoText delivers a spectrum of digital textbooks ranging from classic premium titles to Open Educational Resources (OER). Through the ecoText platform, they are creating an โ€œeco-systemโ€ between publishers, universities, students, and faculty that generates economic, educational and environmental value for all parties involved.

Wine | Yayhn is a unique digital wine shopping experience that features a dedicated wine shopping experience, with custom sommelier services and meal pairing tips for users via an expertly-curated database and in-house artificial intelligence to come.


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