New Investment Opportunity: Jinglz ๐Ÿš€ and other updates from NetCapital

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New Opportunities

Jinglz is a powerful technology for measuring audience engagement and emotion. They have created technology and tools for measuring and verifying user experience with video content. Jinglz’s AI-powered emotion detection and engagement verification products offer unique value to multiple markets.

Portfolio Updates

Zelgor won the the Founder’s Live pitch this week. Watch it here.

Movatic has acquired Spring

Opportunities by Industry

MedTech | Millennial Fertility is on a mission to offer an accessible, low cost, more effective first step fertility treatment. Their First Step Conception Kit represents a true home use fertility treatment that does not force the patient into making difficult choices.

EdTech | ecoText delivers a spectrum of digital textbooks ranging from classic premium titles to Open Educational Resources (OER). Through the ecoText platform, they are creating an โ€œeco-systemโ€ between publishers, universities, students, and faculty that generates economic, educational and environmental value for all parties involved.

Sustainability | Waterworks seeks to advance potential water solutions by introducing investors to opportunities in technology companies and projects through their online investment platform.


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