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LimeLoop to rollout new consumer app & customer launch

LimeLoop, an e-Commerce shipping platform providing simplified logistics with reusable shippers, just launched its new consumer facing app that allows brands, fulfillment centers, and end consumers to leverage the company’s platform. Now these customers can track packages, handle shipping payments, monitor the environmental impact of their transactions, and provide feedback. Over time, LimeLoop aims to develop a hub where consumers can easily shop with brands who meet the sustainability and visibility standards they have become accustomed to through LimeLoop. This lays the groundwork for a consumer up model, where individuals will be able to subscribe directly to LimeLoop for personal use smart packaging, adding an additional $2.9B to its total addressable market.
The new rollout is in conjunction with the company’s upcoming launch with Tersus Solutions, a waterless, closed-loop cleaning system that utilizes recycled liquid CO2 to sanitize and deodorize fabrics, drastically extending the life of textiles. Tersus is a partner to outdoors brands Patagonia, The North Face, and REI – it will be leveraging LimeLoop shippers as part of its cleaning process for the brands’ soiled outdoor wear.


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