New MedTech Deal Launches & Two Deals Closing from Seedinvest

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Amplion | AI platform for predictive precision medicine
• SaaS company with over $345K in annualized revenue in less than a year since product launch
• Customers include PerkinElmer, Tempus, Adaptive Tech, and Exact Sciences
• Notable investors include Greycroft, Revolution and Imagen Capital, two of which are leading this follow-on financing round

Closing Soon
Ionica Sciences | Lyme disease detection technology
Ionica Sciences is developing technology that enables the direct detection of Lyme disease through a simple blood test. The campaign is ending next Friday, November 6th at 11:59pm ET.

Miso Robotics | Artificially intelligent robots making food efficiently & consistently
Miso Robotics is developing artificially intelligent robots to make food efficiently and consistently. The company has raised over $9.2M of its Series C round from over 4,062 investors and is currently the company with the most investments on SeedInvest. The last day to invest is Friday, November 20th – 20 days from today.

Now Accepting Reservations
• Virtuix | Developer of the Omni, an omni-directional treadmill allowing users to walk and run inside video games
• Gatsby | Options trading platform for a new generation of traders


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