New Offering – Common Bond Garden Oaks, expanding a fast-growing Houston bakery and bistro concept

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Common Bond, a fast-growing Houston bakery & bistro concept, is opening a new drive-thru location in Garden Oaks called Common Bond On-The-Go Coffee & Bakery.
Originally launched in 2014, Common Bond has seen rapid growth into multiple locations throughout Houston. Their first On-The-Go drive-thru concept in The Heights has been well-received since opening in May of this year. Modeled after this early success, Common Bond Garden Oaks aims to expand their On-The-Go brand and loyal following into a fast-growing area of the city.

Common Bond On-The-Go Coffee & Bakery will feature premium baked goods, easy grab-and-go food options, and coffee available for dine-in, takeout, and drive-thru. They plan to offer beer and wine service as well.
The leadership team at Common Bond has a strong track record of success, quickly launching the brand into several locations around Houston in just 4 years. George Joseph, CEO and Co-Founder, brings over 20 years of experience as CEO to the table and a passion for uniting people over the common bond that is food.

Here are the highlights:
• New drive-thru location from a well-established bakery and bistro concept in Houston, TX
• Winner of Reader’s Choice for “Best of Houston” Best Bakery 2020
• Flagship drive-thru location opened in May and is performing well
• Restaurant-goers are looking for more drive-thru or takeout food choices, and this brand extension is in line with the versatile needs of the future
• Strong executive team with proven growth strategy, expanding to 5 locations since purchasing the original Common Bond in 2016
• First Common Bond in Montrose grew to $4.6M in sales in 2019


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