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Shoot The Moon’s innovative restaurant and bar concept is centered around a self-service tap wall serving craft beer, wine, cocktails and spirits. The restaurant will also offer from-scratch, chef-driven food in an inviting fast-casual setting.

Shoot The Moon in Houston, TX, the first of many planned locations, is uniquely positioned to be first-to-market. Its founding partners were already well aware of the systemic issues facing the hospitality industry that current market conditions have laid bare in recent months. They believe that the changes brought by COVID-19 and the strategies of good business sense are one and the same.
Founded by restaurant industry experts aiming to create a sustainable, expandable model that can find success, even in turbulent times, Shoot The Moon’s concept expects to set new standards for safety and efficiency by minimizing guest-staff contact points and maximize guest satisfaction by eliminating frustration points.
Deal Highlights:
• First-in-Houston self-service tap wall with over 80 drink options
• Counter-service format delivers from-scratch, chef-driven food
• Innovative concept eliminates frustration points and wait times
• Quick turn times for food and beverage service yields satisfied customers
• Able to facilitate higher daily sales volumes with less labor overhead than traditional restaurant models
• Self-service concept is inherently well-suited for post-COVID era as it greatly reduces guest-staff contact points
• Project seeded with over $1MM in equity from private investors
• Experienced team with both corporate operations and creative, independent concepts


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