New on Netcapital: Announcing Backers

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Backers is restructuring eSports competitions by creating crowd-funded prize pools on the Ethereum blockchain. Fans gain a form of equity in the team during the competition and receive their share of the prize pool when their teams win. eSports teams have fans that number in the hundreds of millions, yet these fans are limited to passively enjoying the streams from their favorite teams.  Backers solves this problem by restructuring eSports competitions to include crowdfunded entry fees that allow the global audience to participate in the competition by Backing their favorite teams and players.

Deal Highlights
The global streaming gaming market is on track to generate revenue of 3.2 billion by 2023
The smart-contracts for Backers Proof of Concept have been completed
Live platform on the Ethereum Testnet
First real money event in October and taking applications for their first eSports event, expected to be held in November


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