New on Netcapital: ChipBrain

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Led by a team of Harvard and MIT engineers, ChipBrain is bringing the power of emotionally intelligent AI to the fast-growing sales enablement market. ChipBrain is now reopening their previously sold-out Netcapital offering for a limited time.

ChipBrain provides AI-powered personalized coaching to help sales teams close more deals.

Deal Highlights
$1.1 billion sales enablement software market, with a 20% CAGR
Led by MIT, Harvard and London School of Economics graduates & engineers
Fully built-out product with pilot customers
Previously sold out offering on Netcapital

ChipBrain’s AI assistant leverages machine learning to provide real-time emotion, tone, and facial expression feedback in live conversations across text, video, and call. ChipBrain helps sales professionals close the deal by:
• Identifying key turning points in conversations
• Running real-time emotional analysis and forecasting
• Predicting the likelihood of sale success throughout the conversation


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