New on Netcapital: Revenue-generating with over 35,000 users

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Announcing Carii

Carii is a B2B platform for organizations to create their own private social networking community or market network and connect their customers, members, partners, and employees. Itโ€™s like combining Wix, Zoom, LinkedIn, Slack, Eventbrite, Quora, CMS, Trello, Crowdrise and Etsy in one consolidated branded platform.

Deal Highlights
White Label and SaaS platforms with 35,000 users on SaaS the platform
Pepperdine’s Most Fundable 2019 – #9 out of 3500
CEO Denise Hayman-Loa named one of the “10 Best CEOs of 2020” by Industry Era magazine

Issuer Updates

The MustWatch app is now available in the Apple App Store! You can download the app here. Read a letter from the CEO here.

Jinglz has begun marketing their EmotionTrac product under Yale Insights

The Defynance ROEP partnerships were announced and the interviews with partners available here on YouTube.

Laegacy had a live Q&A webinar with Netcapital. Watch it here.

PetroFunders had a live Q&A webinar with Netcapital. Watch it here.


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