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SampleServe simplifies environmental project management by automating routine activities and improving communication between project engineers and managers, environmental field technicians, and environmental labs. Sample collection information and lab data is then quickly and efficiently turned into actionable graphical images and maps which detail where contamination is, where it isnโ€™t, what the concentrations are, and which direction itโ€™s heading. View Offering

Deal Highlights
Awarded 2 Patents on their Digital Chain-Of-Custody. Patents #10,198,676 and #10,281,367
By 2025 the environmental engineering services market is expected be worth $44 Bn
Cuts report costs by more than 86%

Issuer Updates
Vymedicโ€™s clinically proven antiviral, Vymune, will be delivered to market this December, in time for flu season. Read more about it here.

TrippBio and Zelgor both had live Q&As with Netcapital this week:
Watch TrippBio’s webinar here
Watch Zelgor’s webinar here.

Opportunities by Industry
Influencer Management | PromoShare is an enterprise ambassador solution that allows sports teams and major live event producers to manage and scale their fan communities of ambassadors from engagement to conversion on one single platform, ambassadors get points for sales made โ€“ generating more motivated conversion.

AdTech | Jinglz is a powerful technology for measuring audience engagement and emotion. They have created technology and tools for measuring and verifying user experience with video content. Jinglz’s AI-powered emotion detection and engagement verification products offer unique value to multiple markets.

eSports | Backers is restructuring eSports competitions by creating crowd-funded prize pools on the Ethereum blockchain. Fans gain a form of equity in the team during the competition and receive their share of the prize pool when their teams win.


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