New Philly student housing real estate offering on Republic

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Philip Michael had just $79 in his PayPal account when he moved to the US from Denmark.

Today, six years later, heโ€™s the CEO of NYCE, a real estate development company with an experienced team and properties throughout the northeast. Philip co-founded NYCE with his cousin and FC Barcelona star, Martin Braithwaite.

Now, you can invest in TEMPLE I, a high-tech housing development in an up-and-coming Philly neighborhood:

10,000 square foot, 17-bed student housing complex
Located in North Philadelphia in a diverse, affordable neighborhood with strong employment growth prospects
Within walking distance of Temple University, which has more than 39,500 students, most of whom live off campus
The minimum investment for TEMPLE I is just $79โ€”the exact amount Philip had to his name when he started his journey.

Donโ€™t sit on the sidelines; invest in TEMPLE I today.


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