New | Sense Completes First Human Trial & One Week Left To Invest

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Sense Diagnostics completes first human trial & one week left to invest

More than 13mm people worldwide are affected every year by strokes or severe traumatic brain injuries. Sense Diagnostics is creating noninvasive devices which detect, measure, and monitor stroke and traumatic brain injuries both in hospitals and in the field, to reduce critical time to treatment.
Sense Diagnostics has successfully completed its โ€˜first in humanโ€™ trial of its device in intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) patients in the neurological intensive care unit. The researchers who conducted this small pilot trial used the Sense device to safely monitor patients in a clinical environment. The data collected from the Sense device was 100% consistent with CT scan results of patients in the trial.
Additionally, in the field, results demonstrated that Sense Diagnostics technology could take a single scan in about 40 seconds, compared to the 15 to 20 minutes it takes to conduct a CT scan which can only be done in a clinical setting. This technology will help EMS personnel triage patients more efficiently, shortening the time for patients to receive proper treatment.
Sense Diagnostics’ campaign ends next Friday, August 14th and is still accepting investments towards its target minimum. The company has raised over $1.3mm.


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