New | Solace Expands to California & More About Contiq’s Platform

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Contiq | The AI-powered buyer intelligence platform for B2B sellers

Contiq helps B2B sellers close more deals, faster by scoring and recommending the most effective sales material and continually measuring its performance based on buyer engagement.

Contiq produces a unique Deal Engagement Score (DES) for every sales opportunity, to help sellers and sales leaders get data-driven insights about the buyer. The DES is based on the following buyer engagement analytics:

  • The platform collects buyer sentiment via audio from each presented slide, and time spent per slide through the Contiq’s Powerpoint Plugin.
  • Using Contiq, the seller can create a personalized microsite with prospect specific content in minutes. As the prospect views the microsite, Contiq collects time spent per slide, comments per slide as well as filled out customized surveys to provide unique insights to the seller.
  • The seller can send the presentation link to the buyer as a web page. As buyers view the link, the platform collects information such as when the presentation was viewed, the amount of time spent per slide, the number of times the presentation was forwarded (as well as who it was forwarded to), what the prospect comments were written on each slide, and more.


Solace lays foundation for California expansion

Solace is excited to announce that it is in discussions with one of California’s premier cremation service providers to launch the brand in Southern California in late 2020. California is the country’s largest cremation market with over 170,000 cremations annually. A key component of Solace’s strategy is to partner with best-in-class service providers that are deeply experienced, well-established in the communities they serve and actively innovating in the deathcare space. “It is a great signal for Solace and our family-centric focus that established industry veterans see the value in Solace and want to be part of bringing this service and philosophy to the California market,” notes CEO Keith Crawford.


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