New | Techmetics’ COVID-19 Disinfection Robots

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Techmetics launches new COVID-19 disinfection robot & secures new distribution agreement
Techmetics Robotics, developer of autonomous mobile robots, recently launched the โ€œTechi UV Disinfectionโ€ robot, one designed to disinfect premises to fight against COVID-19. To date, the company has received multiple sample orders for the robot, two of which are for lease by the Capitaland Shopping Mall Group in Singapore to address their mall disinfection needs. The group owns 82 properties worldwide and 19 shopping malls in Singapore.

Additionally, Techmetics recently signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Clearfocus Innovations, a technology company with the mission of bringing innovative products and services to healthcare. Clearfocus will purchase 56 robots in the next 15 months, exclusively focused on the healthcare and assisted living sector in the U.S. market. For these robots, Startus Insights named Techmetics Robotics as one of the top 5 robotics solutions impacting hospital care during the pandemic.


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