New year, new companies, reached milestones at Fundanna

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If there’s a word we would like to remember 2020 by, it would be resilience.

It was a pivotal year for many who were able to find a way to pivot, transform, adapt, or grow despite continued challenges.

So we’ll begin 2021 by celebrating wins, big and small, here on Fundanna.


30K Milestone

After a successful last month, Core State is gearing to attract more investors this year. The company is behind the largest cannabis social network in the world called CannaSOS, and the most advanced cryptocurrency wallet called PTPWallet.

Core State is accepting investments starting at $268.

New Green LLC
Raise Closed

New Green LLC has successfully raised nearly $100k in funding in its recent funding round. The company is behind the retail store “Devine,” which would sell CBD and other health and wellness products.

For more similar companies raising on Fundanna, check our complete list of investment opportunities below.

Stay safe out there!

Over $200K Committed

World’s First Click and Collect Cannabis Platform
Regulation CF Offering
$202,600 Committed | 328 Investors
$300 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

New Investment Opportunities

Klean Scissors Inc.
Cleaning Solution for Cannabis Trimming Scissors
Regulation CF Offering
$250 Min. Investment
$3,700,000 Valuation

HighRes Labs
“Pick and Shovel” Cannabis Investment
Regulation CF Offering
$9,000 Committed | 16 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$3,600,000 Valuation

Minimum Goal Reached

Core State Holdings Corp
The Largest Cannabis Social Network in the World
Regulation CF Offering
$31,550 Raised | 84 Investors
$268 Min. Investment
$4,054,000 Valuation

Hemp Real Estate Investments, Inc.
Commercial real estate opportunities in the hemp industry
Regulation CF Offering
$20,316 Committed | 56 Investors
$300 Min. Investment
$3M Valuation
CBD e-Commerce platform
Regulation CF Offering
$21,531 Committed | 48 Investors
$250 Min. Investment
$3,062,500 Valuation

Greenzone Pharms LLC
First CBD Hemp Processor in Illinois
Regulation CF Offering
$10,010 Committed | 40 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$5M Valuation

Recent Successful Offerings

420 Real Estate, LLC
Real Estate Investment in the Hemp Industry
Regulation CF Offering
$894,700 Committed | 2080 Investors
$200 Min. Investment
$2.5M Valuation


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