Nickelytics launches on Republic

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Mission-driven company revolutionizing Out-Of-Home Advertising

Making outdoor advertising as trackable and effective as online ads

The Highlights
• Over $200K in revenue in the past 30 days
• Raising capital to develop a scaleable, double-sided marketplace
• Backed by accelerators & investors including Techstars & Endeavor
• $1.2M pre-seed capital raised from top tier angel investors
• 300% Q4 growth in 2020, projected $1.5M ARR in 2021
• Currently partnered with over 10+ agencies reaching 1000’s of brands
Nickelytics aims to modernize outdoor advertising, and make it as convenient and effective as online advertising is today. The core of the business is a tech-enabled, double-sided marketplace where advertisers can easily book outdoor ad spots.

Nickelytics’s technology bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds by aggregating real-time GPS data from outdoor ads and geolocation data from nearby mobile devices.

Their data partners capture the unique IDFA/ADID identity for each device, build an affinity and demographic profile of the exposed audiences, then cross-reference the user-data in real-time to accurately measure the ad’s online impact. This data empowers advertisers to drive website traffic, track clicks & conversions, and determine ROAS (return on ad spend) with ease.

Nickelytics clients love the product. Below are two testimonials from happy customers.


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