Opyrus Engages in a Strategic Alliance with Digi-Rights®

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Delivering innovative products and services to better protect any written work

Opyrus, a self-betterment platform helping people tap their power to write and transform their lives, announced today its strategic alliance with Digi-Rights®, a global provider of rights management services and technologies, to enable writers and self-publishers to better protect and enforce their copyrighted works.

Opyrus is an online platform with more than 250,000 registrants that delivers personalized writing solutions to harness the power of writing for self-betterment, socialization and connection with the goal of inspiring the “why” and enabling the “how” of positively impacting its users’ personal and business lives, mental fitness, and overall wellbeing.

“We are on a mission to motivate, enable, and support the writer in everyone by creating products and services that reduce the friction associated with writing,” said Arthur Gutch, CEO of Opyrus. “As such, we are thrilled to partner with Digi-Rights® in order to offer and develop new products and services that provide a better way for our users to protect their writing.”

Digi-Rights® is a major software developer of rights management services and patented technology solutions to the publishing industry, including Digi-EXPress®, a system for rights assessments, rights clearance, permissions acquisition and rights licensing, as well as CopyrightsNow® and CopyrightsLock® apps, which provide authors, creators, editors and publishers with fast and easy U.S. Copyright registration and content theft protection.

“Our solutions have processed hundreds of thousands of rights transactions by leading publishers,” said Dick Stahl, Managing Director of Digi-Rights® Direct LLC. “We are excited to partner with Opyrus to bring our copyright protection tools to its users alongside other rights management solutions for their expanding platform of writers.”

To learn more about Opyrus, visit our website: https://opyrus.com/ or our Crowdfunding Finder page: https://crowdfundingfinder.com/company/opyrus/

To learn more about CopyrightsNow, visit: http://www.digi-rights.com/drights/Opyrus/index.htm


About Opyrus

Opyrus is on a mission to help millions of people around the world by delivering unique writing tools, interactive content, and personalization that strengthens mental fitness, deepens relationships, enhances careers, energizes businesses and improves overall wellbeing.


About Digi-Rights®

Digi-Rights® Direct, LLC is a global provider of consulting, systems development, and rights management services and patented technologies to the publishing industry. The company’s solutions have been used to process hundreds of thousands of rights transactions by leading publishers, including its leading CopyrightsNow® and CopyrightsLock® software – providing fast and easy U.S. Copyright registration and theft protection.

Digi-Rights®, Digi-EXPress®, CopyrightsNow® and CopyrightsLock® are registered trademarks of Digi-Rights Direct LLC.


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