Over $14M Raised: StartEngine’s Current Funding Round Closes in 3 Days

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We are closing our current funding round in just 3 days. We’ve raised $14,298,084 so far, and 9,642 of you have invested in our offering! Here’s what some of you have been saying about StartEngine:

“StartEngine’s platform is easy to use and the access they provide to both startups and small investors is needed now more than ever to recharge our economy and create new job opportunities.” – Jeff

“I have chosen to invest in StartEngine because I think this business concept is a reliable and efficient way to fund new businesses with fresh or novel ways to approach and satisfy both recurrent and emerging consumer needs (and wants).” – Richard

“The idea of crowdfunding is visionary. It is part of our future. StartEngine offers high quality service that will lead others.” – Thomas


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