Over 4600 B2B customers use smart marketing – HelloWoofy launches 2nd time on Republic

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HelloWoofy Snapshot

A super marketing platform– the best of today with the tech of tomorrow

A digital marketing platform driven by AI + data science for SMBs

The Highlights
• 4,000+ B2B customers; 1,400 members in “Content Masters” FB group
• ~$15k+/m sales; $135k Sales in 6 Months; 75%+ average gross margin
• $250k+ 2020 sales (on track); $19B+ addressable market
• 500k/m calls made using EmojiData Autocomplete API (HelloWoofy product)
• 10+ hours a week: amount of time a typical marketer can save
• 500k+ customers targeted (StackCommerce); Hootsuite Partner (18M Users)
For many entrepreneurs and small business owners, it can be challenging to dedicate the time and resources to to effectively manage, curate, schedule, and optimize marketing content on an ongoing basis.

HelloWoofy offers an AI driven personal social media manager available 24/7. It’s simple, organized, and has everything integrated into one dashboard to help users manage multiple social media networks, keep campaigns organized, and allow copywriters to become 10X more efficient.


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