Patent-pending touchless soda dispenser controlled by smartphones – Smart Soda launches on Republic

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The Highlights

• First-to-market with proprietary soda machine designs & 32 amazing flavors
• Patent-pending touchless soda dispenser controlled by smartphones
• Reached profitability; major partners include Sysco, SkyChef, Bareburger
• Experienced team – CEO was the US exclusive distributor of Sodastream Pro
• Launched COVID-19 Relief Program to increase & support business customers
• Pre-launching the healthy and tasty “Smart Soda Immunity Boost”
A revolution is taking the water and soft drink industry by storm. In 2018, for the 14th consecutive year, carbonated soft drink sales declined, creating unprecedented opportunity to disrupt a largely overlooked $250 billion U.S. soft drinks market.

Smart Soda is one of the world’s first water companies to offer vitamin-infused flavored sparkling alkaline waters and sodas made with only organic cane sugar. Their drinks come in 32 flavors and are 100% natural, vegan, kosher, antioxidant-rich, gluten-free, and can be CBD infused.


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