Plei launches its campaign

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Soccer is the most popular sport in the world. It’s played by over 300 Million people globally and viewed by 3 Billion people annually.

Yet finding a game of soccer to play is more difficult than it should be. You need to find players, a field to play on, and collect payment for the field or facility.

Plei connects soccer players and facilities on one platform. They make it as simple as pushing a button to find a game and pay for a field. The Plei app lets players browse games, join games in two clicks, view game details, and anything else players need for their soccer game fix. The Plei system helps fields and venues manage rentals, payments, inventories, and beyond.

This creates a customer- and business-focused platform that lets anyone find a soccer game in an instant.

The Highlights
$300K+ revenue in 2019 ($400K lifetime revenue), $1M projected in 2020 (unaudited)
Players have played over 22,000 times across more than 2,000 games
Partnerships with 27 sports facilities across South Florida and Houston
Over $200,000 generated for partner facilities in 2019
$3.30 CAC with LTV of $70 where LTV continues to grow every month


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