Powering curbside pickup – SWIPEBY launches on Republic

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SWIPEBY launches on Republic

Drive-thru comfort at your favorite restaurant

SaaS+ platform turning restaurants into a virtual drive-thru with curbside pickup

The Highlights
• 200+ restaurants across 25 states on the SWIPEBY platform
• Extremely cost effective & turnkey solution for merchants
• ~$1M raised to date; projected $500k monthly revenue by the end of 2020
• $1M+ transaction volume in Q2 2020, Up 1,380% from Q1 2020 (unaudited)
• ~4.5% revenue share with partnering restaurants
Food takeout is a big business, but most takeout experiences are dissatisfying, leaving customers frustrated by long wait times, expensive fees, and limited options.

SWIPEBY gives customers direct access to their favorite local restaurants through easy mobile ordering and convenient curbside pickup.Their service is free for app users, and their platform helps optimize operations for restaurants, complete with arrival notifications and features to improve the takeout experience.


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