Profitable and with $6.5M in revenue to date – RealtyFeed launches on Republic

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RealtyFeed launches on Republic

A social network for real estate professionals
• Realtyna has earned $6.5M in revenue to date & profitable for 3 years
• Partnerships with 200+ real estate associations with more than 1.6M members
• Accelerating user traffic: +86% user growth during the last 12 months
• 58 million property records (and growing) available on Realtyna software
The real estate industry has yet to catch up to the modern world. Tech tools have remained virtually the same since the ’90s, forcing real estate agents to tolerate outdated tools and professional frustrations.
RealtyFeed is a real estate app for the next generation. Realtyna’s newest product is an intuitive, user-friendly tool that encourages collaboration amongst all the players in the industry, empowering real estate professionals everywhere.


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