Rad Intelligence — Platform providing advertiser content for users to share

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you might want to check out Rad Intelligence — a platform simplifying the world of digital marketing.

The virtual economy is booming, but brands still waste over $75B a year on stale, ineffective campaigns. Rad Intelligence provides an easy way to share advertiser content, backed by data and analytics.

The company has raised $597K from 444 investors.


• CEO is a 3x founder with 2 exits. Founding team has 5 exits in digital media and marketing.
• 400% revenue growth from Q1-Q2, 1000% user growth from Q1-Q2.
• Over $1.1M raised from professional investors Dzhel Ventures and Expert Dojo. Accepted to the Microsoft for Startups program.

A rapidly growing market.

We’re the team to do this!

✅ Brands want Rad.


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