Raised $700K: Here Today

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Check out Here Today — a new waterfront brewpub in Seattle.

Their team has opened some of the most nationally notable bars in the Seattle area. Here Today is their latest project: quality beers, with local ingredients and a sustainable outlook.

Since launching their Wefunder campaign, the company has assembled an all-star team of expert advisors from diverse industries, and raised $705K from 97 investors.



  • Team has won Spirited Awards, received James Beard nominations, been on Anthony Bourdain, and more!
  • CEO previously founded noteworthy bars (No Anchor, Navy Strength, Vinnie’s Wine Shop, NYC’s Proletariat).
  • 6.7M visitors to the Seattle waterfront in 2019, expected to surpass 20M by 2024. $700M waterfront expansion project is underway.


Team with some serious accolades.



Beautiful space in a prime location.


Head brewer bringing skills from some of the country’s top breweries.




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