Ready Set Jet: Our Story

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Ready Set Jet—a new “beauty with purpose” brand comprised of multi-tasking skincare and makeup batons for women on the-go—is the brainchild of global beauty entrepreneur and women’s empowerment advocate, Shalini Vadhera. Utilizing beauty as a vehicle for change, Vadhera created Ready Set Jet to help uplift underprivileged girls and women in the slums and villages of India. Part of the proceeds from Ready Set Jet products will be used to launch the Ready Set Academy, a virtual and in-person space giving this marginalized demographic the tools to gain financial and professional freedom by becoming economic players in the beauty industry. Students will learn job training and leadership skills, technology for educational and business advancement, and beauty certification to break their cycle of poverty. Upon completion of the academy, they will be able to start working as professional make-up artists or as entrepreneurs ready to start their own ventures.


Vadhera received the Mahatma Gandhi Award at the British House of Lords for her work in beauty, leadership and women’s empowerment. Vadhera implemented this work through her Power Beauty Living platform, which launched globally at the United Nations in 2016. After years of building beauty brands and writing her best selling book Passport To Beauty, Vadhera felt compelled to launch her women’s platform to share the knowledge of top female thought leaders around the world and provide mentorship for women to reach their full potential. Soon after, high-level officials in India reached out to Vadhera, asking her to use her platform to help the girls of India.


When U.S. born Vadhera was 19, her Indian father put her a plane headed to India, gave her $2,500 and told her to start her own business. This instilled the importance of hard work and entrepreneurship in Vadhera. What better way for her to give back to the disenfranchised female community of India than to educate them on how to succeed in the global marketplace? That’s when she knew it was time to use beauty as a vehicle for global change and she created the Ready Set Jet brand…to empower a girl and change the world.


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