Redefining urban car ownership: UpShift

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Upshift has extended their campaign, after reaching almost half of their maximum goal. They have also recently incorporated new telematics features allowing them to deliver cars without meeting in person.
Their unique business model and execution gained them top investors such as BMW/MINI and Urban US. To learn more, read our interview with Upshift CEO Ezra Goldman, or check out their campaign page (link below).

Technology: Unique business model, operating a fractional car leasing service that allows customers to use a car only as much as they need it.

Startup Strength Indicators:
Notable Investors: BMW/MINI, Urban US, one of the co-founders of NerdWallet and others. Raised $1,250,000 in previous rounds.
Revenues: Life in SF. $147,108 in revenues in 2019.

Accepting investments from $100.


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