Reg A Rundown | 5 Days Left to Invest in Miso & Gatsby Reservations Ending

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Miso Robotics, the most raised deal currently on SeedInvest, will be ending its fundraise this upcoming Friday, November 20th. In addition, Gatsby’s reservation campaign is closing soon. Read on for more updates.

Closing This Week

5 days left to invest in Miso Robotics, SeedInvest’s most raised live deal
Miso Robotics is developing artificially intelligent robots to make food efficiently and consistently. The company has raised over $11.7M of its Series C round from over 5,033 investors and is currently the company with the most investments on SeedInvest.
Most recently, White Castle expanded its partnership with Miso Robotics, adding 10 new restaurant locations.
The last day to invest is this Friday, November 20th.

Reservations Closing Soon

Gatsby | Options trading platform for a new generation of traders
Gatsby is developing a trading platform for a new generation of traders with its simple, social, and gamified options trading app. The company has raised $3M+ to date from leading investors including Barclays, Techstars, Rosecliff Ventures, SWS Ventures, Irish Angels, and Plug & Play Ventures.
By confirming a reservation, you will have the opportunity to purchase shares ahead of the company’s public launch after it receives SEC qualification. A reservation is non-binding and you may cancel at any time. The company is offering exclusive bonus perks to investors that reserve shares.

Investor Spotlight

Why Tim Brien, investing executive with 30 years of experience, joined Good Earth Organics
Good Earth Organics (GEO), manufacturer and seller of premium organic soil optimized for cannabis, has assembled a team of both experienced cannabis growers and experienced business executives, one being Tim Brien. Tim invested in the company in 2018 and currently serves as Co-Chairman, advising on the strategic vision for the company.
Tim has been investing in private companies for over 30 years, and previously made investments on behalf of Bear Stearns. During his tenure at Clipper Group, he invested in Davidโ€™s Bridal when it had fewer than 50 stores. Tim graduated with a B.S. degree in English and Economics from Stanford University and a MBA from Harvard Business School.
โ€œI invested in GEO because it is growing, and has begun to take its proven, authentic products to the national market. Good Earth Organics represents an opportunity. The organic soil market is large, growing, and fragmented – there is white space that can be captured in this market.โ€

Business Updates

Gatsby surpasses $50M of transactions on the platform
This past October was a new record for the options market – over 583M calls and puts were traded in the U.S., representing a 48% YoY industry growth. Gatsby is pleased to announce it recently crossed 200K contracts traded on the platform since launching last December, representing more than $50M of transactions.

Caliber’s opportunity zone fund could aid in COVID-19 recovery
As the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted low-income communities, the White House believes qualified opportunity zones (QOZs) could be an important component for economic recovery. Caliber has already established a Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone fund, designed to acquire, redevelop, and manage a portfolio of diversified commercial properties located in federally designated QOZs.


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