Reg A Rundown | Future Acres Launches & 3 Days Left to Invest in Caliber

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Future Acres, our newest Reg A+ deal, recently launched its reservations campaign. Plus, Caliber is closing its campaign this Friday, February 26th. Read on for more updates.

Future Acres, a Wavemaker-backed company, launches reservations for its new Reg A+ campaign
Future Acres is developing innovative farm tools to help modernize the American farm, starting with its autonomous harvest companion, Carry. The company is backed by Wavemaker Partners, a global venture capital firm with $400mm AUM (portfolio includes Blue Bottle Coffee, Miso Robotics, and Winc).
By confirming a reservation, you will have the opportunity to purchase shares ahead of the company’s public launch after it receives SEC qualification. A reservation is non-binding and you may cancel at any time.


Closing Soon

Caliber is ending its campaign this Friday, February 26th
Caliber is a real estate investment company on a mission to build wealth and transform communities. The company is a 7x consecutive recipient of the Inc 500 | 5000 “Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America.”
Caliber’s campaign has surpassed $5.5M, is successfully funded, and is ending this Friday, February 26th.

Founder Profile

Meet John Wu, CEO & Co-Founder of Gryphon
John is the CEO and Co-Founder of Gryphon, an AI-powered WiFi network security platform. With the number of connected devices growing rapidly in homes and small businesses, Gryphon offers a cloud managed network based protection that is comprehensive, yet simple to use.
John has been innovating in wireless networking for over 23 years and holds 25 patents. He helped to build one of the first digital mobile phone using the Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology at Motorola and later played a leading role in inventing MiFi, the world’s first personal hotspot with his team at Novatel Wireless. MiFi achieved widespread adoption and was selected by Time Magazine as one of the top 100 gadgets of all time.
As a father, John learned firsthand that managing screen time is an increasingly difficult task for many parents. In addition, the number of connected devices is enabling new ways for hackers to violate privacy at home. John created Gryphon to serve as a simple solution that dynamically adjusts to protect our kids, homes, and privacy.


Business Updates

GROUNDFLOOR announces its new ADU pilot program in Atlanta
GROUNDFLOOR, the wealthtech platform that allows everyone to build wealth through real estate, has announced a new pilot program to spur the development of Affordable Housing Units (ADUs) in certain Atlanta jurisdictions. GROUNDFLOOR believes ADUs increase property value and bring new residents to the community, thus increasing the density and tax revenue in a particular area.


Cytonics is now successfully funded & receives a new patent
Cytonics has been granted an Australian patent (No. 2015349782). The patent covers the genetic mutations made to its lead drug candidate, CYT-108. Last month, Cytonics received a patent from the United States Patent Office for CYT-108.


Virtuix, the most funded live deal on SeedInvest, surpasses $10.5M raised
Virtuix has surpassed $10.5M raised, making it the company with the most investments currently on SeedInvest. Virtuix is the creator of Omni, an omni-directional treadmill allowing users to walk and run inside popular games and virtual worlds. The company is raising a $15M Series A-2 round to launch Omni One and bring the company’s popular gaming experience to millions of homes around the world.


Good Earth Organics welcomes its new CEO, Tony Luciano
Good Earth Organics (GEO) is pleased to announce the appointment of its new CEO, Tony Luciano. Liz Wald, the former CEO, will remain an executive as the company’s Chief Strategy & Digital Officer, and will continue serving on GEO’s Board. Prior to joining GEO, Tony received a BS from Trinity College and an MBA from Harvard University. Throughout his career, Tony has led a variety of businesses at leading companies including Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Kraft, Novartis, Pfizer, and Corning.

Reservation Bonus Perks

Gryphon | Investors that reserve shares and later purchase their reserved shares will receive bonus perks such as product discounts, free WiFi routers, and complimentary yearly subscriptions.

More About Reg A+

On June 19, 2015, three years after the JOBS Act was signed, Title IV (Regulation A+) of the JOBS Act went into effect, allowing private early-stage companies to raise money from all Americans. Reg A+ is a type of offering which allows private companies to raise up to $50M from the public. Companies looking to raise capital via Reg A+ first must file with the SEC and get qualification before launching their offering.
Reg A+ raises enable companies to grow and galvanize their communities, allowing them to cultivate a group of loyal customers / investors, with clear benefits*:
• Stock owners spend an average of 54% more than non-stock owners
• Investors visit the company website 68% more frequently
• Customers who own shares refer 2x as many people, increasing virality
SeedInvest recently closed its largest round ever when NowRx raised its $20M Series B round via Regulation A+.


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