Reg A Rundown | New Reservations Campaign Plus Gatsby & Caliber Closing

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Gryphon, our newest Reg A+ campaign, just launched its reservations campaign. Plus, Caliber announced its campaign end date and Gatsby is closing in 18 days. Read on for more updates.

Now Accepting Reservations

Gryphon | WiFi security router & parental control system
Gryphon is a patented machine learning-based cloud managed network protection system to keep families and businesses safe. The company previously successfully raised its Seed round on SeedInvest in 2018 and is back for its $10M Series A round.
Gryphon has achieved over $5M in total sales (unaudited) and its patented device has blocked over 5M cyber threats. The company is led and founded by one of the key inventors of the MiFi mobile hotspot who personally holds 25 patents.
By confirming a reservation, you will have the opportunity to purchase shares ahead of the company’s public launch as it awaits SEC qualification. Additionally, all investors who reserve shares and purchase their reserved shares will receive bonus perks. A reservation is non-binding and you may cancel at any time.

End Date Announced

Caliber announces campaign end date – Friday, February 26th
Caliber is a real estate investment company on a mission to build wealth and transform communities. The firm manages all facets of each project for investors – from purchase, development, and construction to marketing, sales, and reporting, creating an alternative way to access an established asset class – real estate.
Caliber’s campaign has surpassed $3.5M, is successfully funded, and is ending in one month on Friday, February 26th.

Closing Soon

18 more days to invest in Gatsby, an options trading platform for a new generation of traders
Gatsby is democratizing the options markets with a simple, social, and gamified options trading app. The company has raised over $3M of its $5M Series A round. Gatsby’s current investors include leading firms such as Barclays, Techstars, Rosecliff Ventures, SWS Ventures, Irish Angels, and Plug & Play Ventures.
Gatsby’s campaign has surpassed $3M, is successfully funded, and is ending in18 days on Friday, February 12th.

Business Updates

Cytonics receives new patent for treating inflammatory diseases
Cytonics is proud to announce that it has been granted a new patent by the United States Patent Office. This patent covers the methods of treating inflammatory musculoskeletal diseases (such as joint and bone degradation, damage to tendons and ligaments, and osteoarthritis) with the company’s lead drug candidate, “CYT-108.”

GROUNDFLOOR achieves a 40% growth in investment volume since the start of SeedInvest campaign
GROUNDFLOOR, the most funded fintech deal in SeedInvest history, is excited to announce that the company ended 2020 with more than 87K registered users on the platform and a total investment volume over $350M (unaudited), showing a 16% increase in user registrations and 40% increase in investment volume compared to the start of the campaign.

Good Earth Organics reports over $4M in revenue in 2020
Good Earth Organics (GEO) recently reported $4.3M in 2020 sales (unaudited). The company attributes this to its diversification of customers when the company expanded nationally beyond the Emerald Triangle region to Oklahoma.

Virtuix surpasses 2M Omniverse plays from growing player community
Omniverse, Virtuix’s software platform for delivering games to commercial venues like Dave & Buster’s, has recently surpassed 2M plays. The platform offers 24 Omni games and charges venues per minute of gameplay. Virtuix’s growing player community will provide a valuable demo and sales channel for Omni One, Virtuix’s upcoming home product. Since March 2019, Virtuix’s player base has grown 45% a month on average.


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