Republic acquires NextSeed: Invest in local!

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Republic acquires NextSeed

Republic is thrilled to announce the acquisition of local business investment platform, NextSeed, marking our third acquisition this year alone in addition to Fig (gaming) and Compound (real estate).
NextSeed has facilitated over $20MM in investments from 25,000 members into 75 local businesses –– mostly within Houston, which is one of the fastest-growing cities, and with 7MM people, the fourth largest in the U.S. Republic will scale this proven model to other regions as soon as next year.
NextSeed also expands the capabilities of the Republic private investment infrastructure with debt financing technology that will soon be available across other Republic offerings.
Finally, Republic is proud to announce that NextSeed CEO Youngro Lee will be joining as Republic’s COO. Like Republic CEO Kendrick Nguyen, Youngro is a private investment entrepreneur with extensive legal expertise. In fact, the two companies have previously worked together on shaping this emergent new category for mainstream investment, including advocating for the recent SEC rule changes to increase the Reg CF fundraising cap from $1.07MM to $5MM where both companies were often cited. Youngro will remain as CEO of NextSeed’s parent company as well as NextSeed Securities LLC, an SEC-registered broker-dealer which will continue to operate independently.
“Private investing is the next mainstream fintech category,” Republic CEO Kendrick Nguyen said. “The NextSeed acquisition is just the latest milestone for Republic as we deliver the most expansive platform of marketplace offerings and investment types for private investors globally.”
Republic has now built or acquired the RegTech components necessary to enable a wide variety of investment types, including Reg CF, Reg A, Reg A+, Reg D, Reg S, real estate, debt financing, revenue sharing, and crypto assets.
“Private investing is legally complex to deliver at scale,” NextSeed CEO and incoming Republic COO Youngro Lee said. “The decision to join forces with Republic was simple: no other platform in the world has anywhere near this level of legal engineering.”
Republic has matched this infrastructure growth with marketplace growth — now offering deals across industry verticals including local business, gaming, real estate, crypto, and startups.
This is why Republic is a leading private investment platform with 800,000 members and over $200 million facilitated through more than 250 deals.
We are delighted to welcome NextSeed to the Republic family and to offer our community new ways to build wealth with private investing through this latest acquisition. The future at Republic gets only brighter from here.
Explore new local business investment opportunities on Republic.
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