Republic celebrates 4 years with major milestone

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Since founding Republic four years ago in July 2016, our mission has not changed: to make private investing more accessible and more inclusive. We started as a crowdfunding platform, but have since evolved to become an investor marketplace for all types. We select only the best startups and private equities, and we often co-invest with market leaders like Andreessen Horowitz and Y Combinator. The Republic Note is the next step toward achieving our mission because it allows everyone to share in the success of the Republic ecosystem as we grow.

$10 Million In Demand in 5 Days
Cap increased due to high demand.
There’s still time to get in.
On our 4th birthday, we are thrilled to announce that demand for the Republic Note 506(c) sale is making history. Over $10 million in investment by accredited investors and reservations of interest by non-accredited investors have been made by more than 6,000 participants. Due to the exceptionally high demand, Republic Core has increased the cap on investments and reservations of interest to $16 million total.
There’s still time to get in.
The Republic Note offers the chance to build the future of private investing together. In case you missed anything, here’s all the news from recent weeks:
• Kendrick Nguyen, Republic: Only the Ultra-Wealthy Have Access to Baby Unicorns; Tokenization Fixes This
• Andy Bromberg, Coinlist: Adoption and Interoperability: The Path to STO Success

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